A new level of laziness

Amazon has always been a hot topic when it comes to new technology, but especially when it comes to deliveries. Recently, they announced that they will try drone delivery in partnership with the UK government. They have also experimenting with delivery to the trunk of a car, but now they are taking home delivery to a whole new level by delivering packages inside your home, even when you are not there to receive them. The idea is to allow the delivery people to a temporary access into your house, by programming the locks. As you can understand, there are limitations with this idea. This can, of course, only be applicable where the electronic lockers are installed. The delivery people will be provided with a code that can only be used one time.

Although this method seems amazing in many ways, you still have to take the disadvantages into account. First, you have to ask yourself how important privacy is for you? Would you let a total stranger into your house while you are not at home, just for a package? Secondly, you have to ask yourself what you really earn by this kind of delivery? How many minutes and how much energy do you really save by this method? In my opinion, this kind of delivery is something that looks good on paper, but I am not convinced it is going to last in real life. People do not really like changes, as we know, but as mentioned earlier; the main problem with this kind of delivery is privacy and privacy is something people need.


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