#5 Keep Your Friends Close – But Your Enemies Closer

Since I wrote about hackers and cybersecurity in my last post, I would like to continue on the same path this week. I am taking a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems back in Sweden and I am also planning on taking a Master’s degree in the same area. A friend of mine graduated this year from the Bachelor’s programme and got the opportunity to work for Cisco in Amsterdam as a trainee. They are going to educate her in cybersecurity for one year, and then they are moving her to the office in Stockholm where she already signed up for being a full-time employee.

I came across an article about Cisco and how they are doing major restructuring efforts right now. This is in order to eliminate up to 5,500 jobs to instead invest in more prioritized areas like security, IoT, collaboration, next-generation data center and cloud. This reorganization will draw security into Cisco’s core along with cloud-based management. Recently, they launched the Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship program in order to find more talents in cyber security. The two-year scholarship plan will end up with the security operations center analyst industry job role. Cisco tries to attract university students just starting in their careers, women in technology and also veterans in order to bring more diversity into the company.

I believe Cisco is doing the right thing at a time when businesses are having issues to keep pace with cyber attackers. The attacks are more frequent nowadays and you really have to step up with security in order to prevent damages. The idea of bringing diversity into the company is also great, but as mentioned in the last post – Companies should try to focus more on their enemies, the hackers, and really try to recruit them and to make them sustain on your side and in your company.

Links: http://www.toptechnews.com/article/index.php?story_id=03000119FF6I


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