#7 Anonymous Online?

There is no way for someone to be truly anonymous online, according to James Bruce. First of all, your IP address reveals a lot about you and since your IP address is transmitted every time you access any website, you just cannot be totally anonymous. Although, people might claim that there are ways for you to be anonymous anyway. For example, by using PirateBrowser or if you directly navigate to the HTTPS version, or simply use a VPN to secure the connection. Bruce states that breaking your anonymity takes a lot of work and patience, and that you are most likely safe anyway, since nobody really cares what you are doing online, if you are not planning a to bomb things or posting child pornography.

This brings us to when hackers leaked the names of 37 million members of the cheating site Ashley Madison. The hacking of the site represents one of the biggest data breaches in online history, and not only the user’s real name was exposed, but also the most intimate details about them, such as sexual fantasies and phone numbers.

It is funny actually, how Ashley Madison ended up cheating on its users, with bad security and data stories practices. The users always pay with credit card, and the site has saved seven years of credit card transaction details, including real name and address. Their purchase details were not removed as promised, and it is even verified that some of the credit cards are still in daily use. People might say that it is karma that the names are leaked, but more important is that one of Ashley Madison’s core values is anonymity – and they could not even protect the members’ anonymity. Maybe Bruce is right; you just cannot be truly anonymous online.


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