#9 Elections Now and Then

The US Election is right around the corner and the suspense is excruciating. This election is very different comparing to recent elections, due to the fact that technology was not as crucial for the results as it is nowadays. Both candidates have had their images affected by technology, such as tapes and emails, and nobody can really tell how much technology is going to affect the results. I have already written about how hackers may influence the presidential election, but I just realized that a lot of different technology aspects are going to affect the results as well, but in a different way than hackers might. The hackers are directly trying to affect the results by manipulating the votes, while the emails and tapes are indirectly affecting the outcome of the election, because people might change their minds about who to vote for.

Other ways, except from tapes and emails, that technology has impacted the election is social media. Ten years ago, the candidates did not use Twitter or Facebook to interact with and impact the voters. The candidates did not speak directly to the public through social media and the public did not influence each other as much as they do today. People are updating their Facebook statuses and tweets by sharing political views and opinions. This may affect some of their Facebook friends or Twitter followers, and indirectly; the outcome of the election. A lot of people are not interested in politics and some people might be soft supporters or maybe just undecided people. Those peoples’ votes are definitely going to be affected by technology more now than ever. Technology has open peoples’ eyes, because it is now easier to get access to information about the different candidates and parties, since everything is available on the internet.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s presidential election, but what is really bothering me is that we never will now exactly how much technology will affect the outcome of the election, because it just cannot be measured properly.


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