#11 (Rebecca) BLACK Friday Friday, Gonna Get Down on Friday

Black Friday is now only one day away and personally, I feel like that day is getting bigger every year. Perhaps that is only my opinion due to the fact that I am a Swede middle of it – in North Amerika. Black Friday has not been a big deal in Europe for so many years and I guess that is due to the lack of Thanksgiving celebration on the other side of the pond… I cannot remember strolling around in malls as a kid seeing “Black Friday” signs. And by researching, I just found out that Black Friday was launched in Sweden just 2013. Black Friday for me has always been linked to Cyber Monday which was launched in 2005. For me; Cyber Monday and Black Friday is basically the same thing, since all of the best offers only can be purchased online in my country. These days have always been linked to e-commerce in my opinion and it is interesting how different offers you can get in-store and online during this time of the year.

I read an article in The Sun and this year will be mad, according to them. Analysts believe there will be many cyberattacks during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In 2014 there were 11.4 million attacks around the globe, and the year after it was 30 million. This year, they believe that number will rise to 50 million. Tom Church says that it is the biggest time for online fraud during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is interesting how hackers take advantage of those days when people are just hyping too much. In my opinion, the consumers are not really reflecting if they are doing the right thing or not, because they are under time pressure. This is something that hackers might take advantage of since consumers are sloppy during these days.

Links: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2202910/black-friday-fraud-warning-as-experts-predict-one-million-cyber-attacks-during-run-up-to-christmas/

… and if you did not understand the header/topic/title (which was not funny at all):

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