#12 The End.

The semester is coming to its end, which means that I only have one blogpost left to write for this class. For the last blogpost of the semester, I am going to write about what I have learned in class, by giving you my key takeaways from it.

This course focused a lot on in-class discussion and participation, which allowed us to get involved and discuss topics that interested us. We talked a lot about the latest news, such as the iPhone7 release with its wireless headphones, to the death of Vine, to target marketing on airplanes, to the presidential election, and also if you can be friend with a brand or a company.

My key takeaways from this class are the technical parts from the first sessions. The Client Server Model is now more clear to me, in terms of how the different requests and queries are made. Last time I touched upon the Client Server Model was in year1 at my home university, and by then, it did not really make sense to me. Another key takeaway for me is the Three-tier-architecture, with the different layers. This architecture created value to me since I now understand how the different parts are connected. From SQL database, to Java application and finally to Web Server/Presentation layer that makes sense for the user.

Finally, I also learned about a lot of things that touched E-business, and what you should keep in mind when starting one. I would also like to thank professor Xinos for the knowledge that I have gained during this semester. I would also thank him for answering questions with professionalism in class, by putting the material into context that everyone could be able to understand.

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